Stephen Mizell Watching the world go by too quickly


I am a happily married man married to my happily married wife. We just had our first child and couldn’t be happier or more tired. I’ve spent most of my days working in the world of technology, specifically around web development.


I’ve accumulated some skills down through the years in regards to my career. I spent my time at the university studying network security and system administration, and I’ve spent most of my professional career programming. At my current job at a manufacturing plant, I’m more of an analyst who spends his time finding slick ways to get processes done. This usually involves purchasing software or building custom systems.

Technology specifics

  • JavaScript - I’m officially a JavaScript developer now.
  • Django - I spent several years working in Django, and I’m very comfortable with it and everything Python. I haven’t programmed in Django for a couple of years, though I’ve been keeping up with it.
  • Ruby on Rails - I do most of my current stuff in Rails. I’ve built several systems with Rails along with a few REST APIs. I am very comfortable in Rails and Ruby, and try hard to write clean, well-tested code.


I love spending time with my family. I enjoy reading, though I don’t do enough of it. I like to play music on our out-of-tune piano. I’m also slowly starting to enjoy running again, though it’s still painful.

My wife and I enjoy watching good TV shows. We have spent entirely way too much time enjoying shows, but there are just so many good ones out there.