I’ve done my best to avoid writing this post.

Years ago, I built the first version of this site in Middleman. I later moved to Jekyll then to Hugo. Lately Next.js has been calling out to me to try yet another rewrite. I’ve resisted as of today.

Through all those changes in technology, I’ve written 16 measly posts. And I’ve tried hard not to write this 17th one.

I ran across a suggestion for blogging that said:

Once you choose the technology that runs your blog, use it. Don’t replace it, ever. Never ever rewrite it.”

I thought the technology I was using was going to speak louder than my words. But I cared too much about the wrong thing. Instead of spending hours trying to figure out why Ruby wasn’t working on my computer, I should’ve opened up an HTML file and started writing.

So that’s what I’ve done here, kind of. I wrote a little script that converts Markdown to HTML. A new start. Here’s to not caring about the tech I use.