I'd like to above all thank my wonderful wife and friend, Kate Mizell, for her many hours reading, editing, chatting about, and adding feedback to my writing. She not only encourages me and helps me create space to work on projects like this, but actively works through the ideas with me. You couldn't find a better and more supportive partner in life. She's amazing.

I'd also like to thank the people that talked with me about these ideas and read drafts of this short book: Mike Amundsen, Mark W. Foster, Vladimir Gorej, Andy Hill, Alianna Inzana, Brandur Leach, Tim Maguire, Emmanuel Paraskakis, and Matthew Reinbold. They've always been eager to provide feedback on ideas, and I'm grateful they'd take the time to engage with me and my thoughts.

This book is more of a combination and acknowledgment of existing ideas than it is me coming up with anything new or unique. Anything I do always stands on the shoulders of the many people who have pushed their ideas forward. I mention some of these in the concluding chapter and the case studies. I thank them all for their hard work.