I started out writing these weeknotes on HEY World. I liked how easy it was to write there—just send an email to world@hey.com, and it would create a post for you at https://world.hey.com. It also supported an email subscription feature. However, I set this goal a few weeks ago to start writing more, both for fun and professionally, and just this week I started from scratch on this site with Hugo. It just makes sense to move things here.

Stuff I watched

  • Mitchells vs the Machines - my whole family, both the kids and adults, loved this movie. Highly recommended.
  • The Last Blockbuster - it was interesting to hear the backstory of this and thinking about going to the movie store as a kid.


  • I threw my back out this morning. I’m in my late 30s. This isn’t suppose to happen yet!
  • I started writing more this week. My first post here was over an idea I’m working on called Schema Entropy. I have the opportunity to work on my own projects one day a week, and it’s been great. I’m hoping this turns into something.
  • I mentioned above I converted this site to use Hugo, which I’ve used in the past. It’s a great tool if you’re looking for a static site generator. The best thing about it to me is that it’s a single file that I can run. When I was using Jekyll back in the day, I’d have to figure out where I installed the gems and set up my Ruby development environment. Hugo just works.
  • We started going to the pool these past few weeks. I went for the first time last Sunday. The kids are like fish in the water. There’s something about goofing around with your kids in the pool that makes you feel young again. That is, until you throw out your back.
  • We’re back to cycling. We started doing group rides a few years ago, but we decided not to ride last year because of the pandemic. My wife and I both missed it a lot. We decided to start since we’re vaccinated now, so we joined in for the first time Thursday. Riding in a group, taking turns pulling (i.e. riding in front, taking the blunt of the wind) is a fun feeling.