I traveled to Alabama this week for a golf trip with some friends from my college years. We played at Gunter’s Landing and Hampton Cove. We played almost 12 hours of golf the first day and probably 10 the next—that’s a lot of golf. But it was fun and the team I was on won our friendly tournament. All the practice over the last couple of months paid off.

Thankfully, my back healed up enough to let me play. I hurt it a few days before I was planning to leave, so I was worried it would be too tender to swing. It was a bit tight, but didn’t give me any trouble.


  • I listened to an interesting interview with Suleika Jaouad interview. Her story was inspiring.
  • I also listened to an interview with Chris Bosh. He was a professional basketball player that won a couple of championships but had to give up his career after some health issues. I’m a basketball fan, so it was interesting to hear him talk about some of his experiences and give some behind-the-scenes commentary.
  • I wrote a few posts on this site last week. My hope with starting over would be that I would have a second chance to write more. It’s only been one week so I won’t pat myself on the back too much yet, but I did enjoy the writing time.
  • Remote Async Work was a good read. I’ve worked remotely for the last seven or so years. I’ve been the big head on the wall during meetings where everyone else was together in the conference room. I’ve had to continually find ways to create healthy boundaries. I thought this zine was a great look at practices for working well remotely. I’ll be thinking about some of them for a while.