My experiment of starting over on this site is working. If I counted correctly, this is my 11th post here. I’ve written in a few weeks what took me several years before.

I haven’t stopped tinkering with the site, though, but it’s a different tinkering. I started out publishing with make, but decided to switch to Rake because I can.

I added a couple new tasks, one for writing posts and one for creating new weeknotes. For instance, to start writing this weeknote, I ran rake weeknotes:new. It figured out what file to create, used the weeknotes archetype, and opened iA Writer. When I’m done writing, I’ll run rake publish, and it will stage the new content, commit it, and push to GitHub, where Netlify will take over.

If I keep up this cadence, I’m going to write a tool that schedules posts. But that hasn’t been a problem yet so I’m going to resist with all my might to do it.


  • My back started hurting again this week. It loosened up for my golf trip, but then went back to normal afterwards. This is going to be my excuse for buying a fancy new chair.
  • I submitted a talk to the API Spec Conference on the topic of schema entropy.
  • I listened to an interesting interview with Tina Fey. We watched her in 30 Rock sometime last year and enjoyed it.
  • I was a week late on returning two books to the library. For shame.
  • I wrote an intro about a project of mine called API Design Systems.
  • Among the many time sinks in my life, I’ve been reading about van life where you convert vans into livable campers.