I started my long vacation this Wednesday. I’m off until August 2nd and could not be happier. It’s a strange feeling taking time off when you’re self-employed. There are no vacation days. The income goes to zero. You see how much time-off costs you. But it’s worth it.

I haven’t done much with my time other than clean and play a 6am round of golf. I’ve tried to stay away from the computer as much as I could. That’s been a nice break. I was feeling the need to take time off a month ago, and I’m using it to rest and recharge. Normally, I let that feeling go too long.


  • Friday my family had a Skyward Sword party. We ordered pizzas and ate dessert. We’re so much of a Zelda family that we have a triforce sticker on the back of our van. It’s a big deal for us to start a new game.
  • I started listening to Bird to Bird by Anne Lamott.
  • I started listening to Mindset by Carol S. Decker.
  • We finished S1 of Loki. I’m starting to lose interest in these Marvel shows. At first, they’re hard for me to get into. Then they get interesting in the middle. Then they end with a meh.
  • I watched a Netflix documentary called The Most Unknown.
  • I’m reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.
  • I have a hard time sticking with note-taking tools and practices. My pattern is, I find an interesting approach like Bullet Journaling, buy a pristine, fancy notebook, use it for a month, then forget about it. I came across this writeup about Paper Notes and decided to give my unused Field Note memo books a try. Weirdly, it’s working.