Yesterday July 30th was our 10-year anniversary. We celebrated by traveling to the Ocoee River in Tennessee to go white water rafting. We went rafting on the Ocoee on our honeymoon and thought it would be fun to retrace our steps a decade later. The river never disappoints. It’s dam-controlled and always has flowing water and good rapids.

There are two different sections you can raft on the Ocoee—the upper and the middle. The Upper Ocoee was the location of the 1996 Summer Olympic for kayaking and canoeing. It’s manmade and lots of fun, but it’s closed during the weekdays when we were there. We could only do the Middle Ocoee on our trip. While the upper section has lots of rapids back-to-back, the middle is more spread out with a few sections of casual floating down the river. It’s far from boring though.

As we were getting ready to start, our guide asked us how intense we wanted the ride. Our group, which consisted of my wife and I and a family of four with two teenage kids, agreed to a seven or eight out of ten. Our guide gave us a full eight. He had worked on the Ocoee for 14 years and knew all the tricks to find the line between fun and freaking us out. At one point he purposely maneuvered our raft so it would fill up with water and bend in the middle, a trick he called “filling the taco.” This fell into the “freaking us out” category of tricks.

We then stayed a day in Greenville, SC. It’s the home of REST Fest, so I’ve been a few times though my wife hasn’t. I shared a few of the places I had visited while there. It’s a beautiful area with a nice downtown and lots of mountainous area surrounding it.

I spent little time on the computer during my time off. It was nice.


  • I finished reading Me Talk Pretty One Day.
  • I finished listening to The Wisdom Pattern by Richard Roar.
  • We finished watching S1 of Ted Lasso and started up S2.
  • I’ve almost finished reading Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller.
  • I go back to work next week after a 2.5 week vacation.