I’ve been writing a lot these past few weeks. I’m excited to say I finished the first draft of a book I’ve been working on. It’s a shorter one, but I wanted it to be short. I hope to have a pre-order up soon for it along with more information on what it’s about. It’s about dealing with complexity in API design.

On writing and editing

I’ve been using my Remarkable 2 for writing. I’ll probably write more on that later if I get a chance. My workflow has been to sit with the device and write out bullet thoughts and ideas as if I were talking to someone about it. This gives me a good idea of what I want to focus on. I then sit at the computer and type out a first draft using my notes, which is usually pretty quick. But instead of rereading it on the screen, I send it to my Remarkable as a PDF for marking up. This lets me edit it without the temptation to fix stuff. It also lets me sit on the couch and get away from the computer.

It’s worked well. You don’t need a Remarkable to do this. There are lots of great devices, many that give you more features at a cheaper price. Notebooks and paper work, too :)


  • I’m still using my Chromebook for some writing. The battery life is great, and the speakers are a surprisingly good feature of this light, thin laptop.
  • This is my 21st weeknote of the year. I’m still surprised I’m keeping it up.
  • I used Codespaces again to write this. I miss using iA Writer. I don’t even have spell check on here. Yikes.
  • Since I’m rarely reading and listening to audiobooks, this section is a bit light on content. We’re watching Ted Lasso and What We Do in the Shadows to wind down at the end of the day.