It’s already October? This last part of the year always flies by for me. It’s so busy with holidays and birthday. I do love Fall weather, though, which we’re getting a glimpse of now.

I didn’t write a weeknote for last week. I was too busy! First, I released my book API by Design. I’ve been researching the topic for several months and writing the content for a couple of them. Writing a book is a lot of work, even a shorter one like this. There are so many more things I wish I had the time for but didn’t.

Second, I gave a presentation at the API Specification Conference. I gave my talk from the content on this site. The content is about 50% from the book and 50% new. The recording should be out soon. Speaking to an audience you can see or hear is challenging. I made the mistake of reading the chat while I was talking. It made me lose my thoughts and stumble over my words. But it was a good experience otherwise, and I’m happy to have had the opportunity.

Updated site design

I picked a Hugo theme when I started things over on this site so I could get up and writing quickly. It was nice, but I had grown tired of it. It was also not easy to customize.

I ripped everything out of the theme I could to get down to the bare bones—it’s just black text on a white background for now. I have some ideas for what I want to do with it, but I don’t feel in a rush to work on them.

Using Grammarly

I upgraded to the premium version of Grammarly and was impressed with how much it improved my writing. I turned it on while finishing my book at it showed me 500+ places for improvement. Most of them were ways to make the writing clearer or remove unnecessary words. I’ll definitely keep using.


  • I had the opportunity to chat with Erik Wilde on his Youtube channel about the book.
  • We finished Skyward Sword as a family. It’s such a long game, but it’s great. The kids really enjoyed it.
  • We finished watching The Dragon Prince as a family. We all enjoyed it.
  • I finished Pretend It’s a City.