I’m writing this from a coffee shop. It’s the first time I’ve sat inside one since the pandemic started. I spent several mornings at a coffee shop writing Morning Pages before the pandemic. When you go regularly like that, you get to know the regulars and be known as a regular. They stop asking your name when you place your order. You get to know the staff and the regulars like it’s a little community. I gave it up when we went on lock down and never picked it back up. It’s strange to be back. I forgot how uncomfortable these chairs were.

We had Thanksgiving this last week. We put up the Christmas tree before we cleaned up the kitchen from Thanksgiving cooking. There was a lot to clean up after chopping and cooking for several hours.

This will be my last writing here for the year even though there are several weeks left. I’m taking some time off soon and want to get away from the computer other than to do some reading. If I do anything, I’ll tinker with this site a bit. I stripped it down to black and white, and I think it needs some love.