I’ve had time this week to write more. I wrote a post for Optic titled The Missing Pieces of Design First Workflows. I also wrote a few posts here on this site—I think this is the fourth post of the week.

In the last weeknote I mentioned I was considering buying a new chair. I had used my old one for the last 20 years. The padding on the seat and back were all but gone, and there hadn’t been any lumbar support for the last decade. Our neighbor has been doing renovation on their house and rented a huge dumpster, and they let me throw the chair away in there. We had a short ceremony to honor its legacy as we pushed it over the edge.

As for the new chair, I got the Secretlab Titan. It’s nice.


  • I came across this video about Blaseball (hat tip MR). I’ll let the video do the explanation.
  • I tried out salsa this week made with Ghost Peppers, and I was able to tolerate it without too much of a problem. I’ve slowly been working my way up over the years.
  • I’m almost through Black Holes: The Edge of All We Know.
  • My family and I watched these slow motion videos of Simone Biles. I’m not sure I’ve ever been more in awe of someone’s athleticism and skill. And all the difficulty and magic appears effortless for her.
  • I’m tinkering more with Ruby and Rake for automation around this site, and I really enjoy it. What a fun language.
  • Everyone in my house is excited about Breath of the Wild 2. We’ve played the first one at least twice, once with the kids.
  • We started playing Portal 2 with the kids this week. We got out the old Playstation.